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Jon Stewart DESTROYS Noted Republican Anti-Vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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I think that’s correct. RFK Jr. is a Republican, right? I mean, why else would he be nutty enough to say anything critical about vaccines?

Just watch as Jon Stewart rips him a new one:

Way to take that lunatic to task, Jon. You really destroyed him! With, um… polite head-nodding and uncritical follow-up questions. And then you twisted the knife: “I appreciate you getting the word out.” Ouch. Take that, Kennedy, you dumb anti-vaxxer!

Of course, Kennedy spouted this nonsense to Stewart in 2005, back when, er… back when everybody who knew anything about vaccines already knew this stuff was horsecrap.

Here’s Jon on vaccines yesterday:

“Oh, for f***’s sake…” Well, that’s what Rand Paul gets for watching The Daily Show. And of course, Stewart does a bit of ass-covering by making a passing reference to “a guy” who was on the show once, spreading dangerous misinformation with his help. I wonder which “guy” he means?

Once again, facts mean nothing to our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters, and they’ll filter out or wave away anything they’ve said or done that doesn’t help them at any particular moment. They’ve decided that the anti-vaxxer movement is the Republicans’ fault, and the historical record means nothing.

Bring it on, you hacks.

(Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds)

Update: The White House is taking the same stance on vaccinations as Chris Christie and Rand Paul. Whoops.

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