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Journalist Thinks I’m Supposed To Have An Interest For Her

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Washington, D.C. journalist Amy Holmes must be smoking something over at TheBlaze TV.

Or else she’s just truly delusional.

She recently tweeted up a storm about the ins and outs of plucking her chin hair. My personal favorite: “I kind of enjoy plucking them. I get ‘em in one particular spot. Very satisfying.” (Eeks, that one still sort of gives me the shivers.) [RELATED: TheBlaze’ Amy Holmes Proudly Plucks Her Chin Hair]

Let me just get this out of my system and annoyingly state the obvious: 1. This blog is called The Mirror. 2. We’re talking chin hair confessional. 3. Please see #1. 4. Please see #2. 5. Review #1 one more time.

After I ran the story of her chin hair confessional, Holmes took issue with my post.

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Excuse me, Ms. Holmes, but since when am I supposed to have an “interest for you”? And what does that even mean? Do you have an “interest for” the political subjects and people, such as the Clintons, that you cover? In other words, do you have some vested interest “for” them as opposed to say, just being a f–king reporter and writing what they say or do and, in your case, framing those facts in the context of your opinions as a pundit?

Confessional: I have no interest “for” you, Ms. Holmes. But if you’d like to followup about waxing or more chin hair episodes I’m happy to cover it. I don’t “blame” anything on my job, nor do I regret writing about you tweeting about plucking your chin hair.

True, my interest in the more off-beat details of journalistic life may make me a “#weirdo.”

Then again, I wasn’t the one tweeting about plucking my chin hair.