Maryland Community College Launches Class On The Business Of Marijuana

Jude Abeler Contributor
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Anne Arundel Community College in Lanham, Maryland, launched a course dedicated to learning about the business opportunities to be found in the emerging marijuana-related industry Monday.

“I think the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use will create a whole bunch of job opportunities and entrepreneurial opportunities beyond the selling of marijuana itself,” Professor Shad Ewart, assistant professor of business management, explained to The Baltimore Sun.

The class is titled “Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Emerging Markets: Marijuana Legalization” and was finally approved by the school’s committee after Ewart had appeared to make his case four times over two years.

“We’ve actually identified about 28 different industries from lighting, to nutrients, to security, to packaging. They have nothing to do with the actual sale of marijuana,” said Ewart.

While acknowledging that other professors are still nervous about the idea, he maintains that “the green that I’m talking about in this class is money.”