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Quote of the Day:

 “Let me first applaud your network for not running the video or freeze frames of the video.”

— Former Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) to her friend Wolf Blitzer on CNN regarding the recent ISIS video in which they burn a Jordanian man alive.

Walking through the mean streets of NYC with a Mediaite reporter

“Layers of shit on the ground in New York City right now, ranked: 9. Black ice 8. Sludge 7. Ice puddles 6. Ice 5. Normal Gotham grime.” — Mediaite‘s Evan McMurry.


BuzzFeed News reporter Ellie Hall is hospital bound 

9:30 p.m.:  Latest DC adventure: epinephrine/benadryl/steroid hospital cocktail after my first allergic reaction in 10+ years.

9:32 p.m. (I’m fine — if a little loopy — now, at the hospital for another 2 hours for observation.)

Gone so soon? 

After BuzzFeed fired Bennie Johnson for some 40 instances of plagiarism, he went to work for National Review in September. He’s now leaving for Independent Journal Review to be its creative content editor. National Review‘s Rich Lowery wished him all the best. See here. The news was first reported Tuesday night by Politico. On Tuesday night after announcing the news in a tweet, Johnson followed up with this apparent refrain running through his mind: “Viral politics. Viral politics. Viral politics. Viral politics. Viral politics. Viral politics. Viral politics. Viral politics. Viral politi”

On Aging…

“Because I am a year older today, I must say this: if Black don’t crack, then Asian don’t raisin. #aging” — Jose Antonio Vargas, undocumented Filipino American, founder, Define American, former WaPo reporter.

Deep Thoughts With WaPo’s Chris Cillizza

“Make your journalism as entertaining, varied and interesting as your Twitter feed.” — Cillizza.

SPOTTED: Monica Lewinsky at award ceremony


“Roger Angell and Monica Lewinsky, nominees in the same @ASME1963 category last night. (He won.)” — The New Yorker‘s Betsy Morais.

Terrifying TMZ Headline

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.35.55 PM

Journo wants a teeny tiny favor 

“Can someone who’s not scared of the plague come clear away the dead rat on the sidewalk near my house? Thanks!” — Kate Arthur, chief LA correspondent, BuzzFeed News.

Donald Trump weighs in on vaccinations and illegals

“Are all the illegals pouring into our country vaccinated? I don’t think so. Great danger to U.S.” — Presidential non-hopeful Donald Trump.


“Super excited about my new title at CNN” — CNN’s Chris Moody.