Why I Stopped Believing Social Democrats Could Solve Muslim Integration

Veronique Dorey Freelance Writer
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I had the opportunity to contribute to Jacques Chirac presidential campaign in 2002 and later wrote about him and the American Democrats. I described them as great diplomats and humanistic leaders. I believed, with all my heart, that a gentler world could be built upon lofty principles like human rights.

I was so wrong and so naïve. Their speeches are not realistic at all. The West and Jewish people are together and individually the target of an ongoing and potentially fatal faction that believes they have to pay for their imperialism.

Why do so many Democrats ignore this reality? Radical Islamists don’t want to compromise. Look at their wives! They keep wearing the nijab or niqab in our countries, how that’s moderate? Conservative Muslims are looking for advantages in the U.S. or in Europe but they certainly won’t adopt the founding principles that have made them possible. We have to adopt them when they live among us, so where is the consideration?

I have returned to a conservative view rooted in my Norman and Viking ancestry. Normans were those guys who founded England and started the Crusades.

Retired General Mattis talked before the Senate Armed Services Committee last week and the concern was that the administration lacked a strategy in the face of many threats. Allies have to be part of it and good information, spoken plainly, is a key factor.

Curiosity led me to talk with Algerian and Moroccan people living in France. The truth about Muslim communities is that, even when moderate, they sometimes share this dirty little secret that when an American soldier falls in Afghanistan or Iraq or who knows where, they are satisfied. They dislike Western governments and they understandably hate when we send our troops to their countries. They don’t see why Afghanistan needs help. A lot of young Muslims are convinced that a backward and dangerous country like Afghanistan must be respected and the efforts of the USA or Europe are really not welcome.

We got rid of our Grand Inquisition centuries ago, and Muslims should do today. Some moderates have tried, in the USA, in Paris, and in Egypt to open the door to new ideas. But our own timid speeches are not helping. Political correctness seeds the land for future conflicts. Robert Gates keeps lecturing us. French authorities are scared to be called racists if they stop the immigration coming from North Africa.

Why don’t they take a census, under the control of the law enforcement, of the no go zones in the suburbs of Paris. La Courneuve is a no go zone. Ask journalists from this French TV station: FRANCE 3 Paris; when their crews go to the North and the East of Paris, they are targeted by stones and guns.

Muslim extremism can spread its massage safely under the tree of the toxic, craven speech; this is the main battle we have to fight in France and in the USA. Left wing leaders and editorialists prevent us from hearing the facts, they make us feel guilty each time we raise concerns regarding disproportional immigration from groups with higher rates of violence and trouble assimilating.

Toxic speech is when the French or the Obama administration denies that a fringe of the population is a danger for the rest of the population. The Muslim minority takes advantage of this card well — if they are submitted to the law, it is racism.

The French media and even the French school system are comforting Muslims and indeed reinforcing this anti-American and anti-West feeling. It’s very trendy to look down on the Americans, on Reagan, and on the conservatives like Marine Le Pen. Her political party has always asked for stronger action against radical Islam and and overwhelming immigration. So she became the plague in the mouth of socialists. The current suit by the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo against Fox News shows how ridiculous and deeply wrong the socialists are. They reject the truth, they reject the facts. They have anaesthetized so many people in our countries with their “it’s not a Muslim problem” that they are becoming dangerous.