CNN On Brian Williams: Credibility Takes ‘Serious Blow,’ Apology Didn’t Go ‘Far Enough’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Brian Williams may have repeatedly apologized for falsely saying he was in a helicopter that was shot down, but the worst may be yet to come for the “NBC Nightly News” anchor.

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday morning, CNN media critic Brian Stelter had some harsh words for the most-watched anchor in America, saying his Wednesday night apology didn’t go “far enough” and that his credibility will take a “serious blow.”

Stelter noted Williams’ apology didn’t address his repeated claims about the helicopter incident to people like David Letterman and Alec Baldwin over the years. (RELATED: Brian Williams Told Alec Baldwin He Thought He Was Going To Die During Helicopter Attack That Never Happened)

“Well, immediately people are saying this is a lie, and I understand why they are saying that. In fact, some of the soldiers on Facebook were calling him a liar, and they were saying that they’ve been trying to raise red flags about this for years,” Stelter told “New Day” hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota.

“I don’t think this apology went far enough because he’s not explaining the rest of what happened,” Stelter said.

“He addressed what he said on air last week, but he didn’t address these other cases, like on the David Letterman show in 2013,” Stelter said. “I think it was a halfway measure and it wasn’t going all the way, and he’s not addressing why people are saying he is lying about this as opposed to making a mistake.” (RELATED: Brian Williams Told David Letterman His False Helicopter Story In Vivid Detail)

“60 seconds on the Nightly News probably isn’t going to be enough here to fully address this. One of the most important news anchors in our country, the single most watched news anchor in our country, trust and credibility is key here,” Stelter continued. “Brian Williams has a lot of it. He has earned it over so many years, but this is a serious blow to that credibility.”

[h/t: Free Beacon]