NBA Guard Forgets How Inbounding The Ball Works

Andrew Lief | Contributor

Miami Heat point guard Norris Cole turned the ball over Wednesday night by trying to have teammate Hassan Whiteside inbound the ball even though the ball was already inbounded.

With less than one minute left in the fourth quarter and the Heat down one point, Cole inbounded the ball to Whiteside who immediately threw it back to Cole. Cole then pointed for Whiteside to go out of bounds to inbound the ball. Whiteside listened and Cole threw him the ball which led to the turnover.

The Heat went on to lose the game 102-101.


Watch the bench’s reaction:

These types of plays generally take place when third graders play, so to see it happen in the NBA is pretty remarkable. Cole must have felt as bad as the third-grade kids who start crying after they commit a turnover of this magnitude.

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