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Obama At National Prayer Breakfast: Yeah, Well, Christians Are Jerks Too

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Cartoonists are slaughtered at their desks for offending Muslims. ISIS burns hostages alive and throws gay men off buildings. Saudi Arabia beheads people in the streets. Boko Haram massacres entire villages. Etc., etc.

Get off your high horse about it, Bible-thumper.

Here’s the Smartest President Ever, scolding the attendees of the National Prayer Breakfast this morning for thinking Islamic terrorism is a problem:

Oh yeah, that’s right: The Inquisition. Slavery. Jim Crow. Other things. How soon we forget.

Never mind, then. What are a few atrocities among friends? Let’s just call it even.

Whew. I’m sure that when all those insurgents, militants, and freedom fighters get the translation of Obama’s words today, they’ll knock it off already. Glad that’s over with.

Who’s up for yet another pivot to the middle class?

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Jim Treacher