French Cancer Researcher Wants To Kickstart Her Trials

PG Veer Contributor
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A French researcher seeks the public’s help to finance her cancer-fighting project reports 20 minutes. Aurélie Juhem, who works in a Grenoble lab in the French Alps, has been working for seven years on a molecule that may help fight rare cancers.

On trials in mice, “this molecule is able to stop the proliferation of cancerous cells”, she explains. “It can destroy blood vessels feeding the tumor” without hurting surrounding organs, she adds.

But in order to conduct the research on humans to test the safety of the treatment, her lab needs 500,000 euros (over $565,000). If it gets approved, the treatment would come as a pill the patients – only actual cancer patients would be eligible. Juhem believes her treatment could help hard-to-treat cancers live liver, pancreas or kidneys.

You can contribute to the campaign by visiting Donations start at 100 euros.

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