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Quote of the Day:

“Fitz is like the worst president of all time #Scandal”

Jack Mirkinson, former editor of HuffPost Media.

“And now I shall go bathe in Purell…”

— CNN lefty pundit Sally Kohn in reaction to a NYT subway story on germs.

NBC refers to Bruce Jenner as a woman pre post-op

“Bruce Jenner coming out as transgender, transitioning on TV to educate: wish I had 1/10 of her courage.” — NBC News legal correspondent Lisa Bloom.

On Brian Williams…

“I try to put myself in this situation, and I can’t. Like every person I have misremembered things, and like many people I often exaggerate them. But in circumstances like this? Where you know that other witnesses could be listening in?” — The Atlantic‘s James Fallows. Read the rest here.

“Not to get too psychoanalytic on Williams, but maybe he stretched his mundane helicopter story into an exhilarating but false one because he feels guilty about having gone to war the easiest way possible—in the company of well-protected generals.” — Politico‘s Jack Shafer. Read the rest here.

Has Lawrence O’Donnell forgotten he works for MSNBC? 

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.26.36 PM

Real HuffPost headline: “Woman says bra saved her from strange bullet.”

WKRN out of Nashville: “NBC’s Brian Williams fighting for his reputation.”

Donald Trump’s non-presidential run continues

“Mr. Trump’s impressive showing is an affirmation that the American people are looking for a new type of leader.” — Michael Cohen, executive VP of the Trump Organization, to The Washington Times.

On journalism…

“First rule of journalism. Be curious. Also the on list. Steer clear of those who think they know everything. Full sponge absorbs nothing.” — NPR’s Michele Norris.

Nancy Grace prays for Bobbi Christina to stay in coma

“We are watching, hoping & praying as Bobbi Kristina remains in a coma. #StillPrayForBK” — HLN’s Nancy Grace.

Journo wants less information on germs 

“I am for increased information, but I could live without knowing about the germs found on the subway.” — WaPo‘s Philip Bump.