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Brian Williams Definitely Owns A Piece Of The Chopper That Crashed In The Bin Laden Raid

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One of the most delicious ironies of Brian Williams’ predicament is that he’s being brought down by the very people he disdains: those filthy, miserable bloggers.

It all started with a Facebook post. And now, Williams has to live with the knowledge that one of the nails in his coffin was hammered in by a guy called Soopermexican:

Well here we go again! In addition to my first finding Brian Williams’ “gangs of New Orleans” story, and his fabrication about seeing a man commit suicide in Katrina, now there’s this pretty amazing story that he told on a radio show.

According to Williams, he has a contact in the Defense Department that sent him a package with a “cryptic message,” and inside he found what he believes is a piece of the fuselage from the helicopter that crashed at the Osama Bin Laden raid in Abbottabad!!

Here’s the audio:

“I have friends among the special operations folks in the Pentagon. And I have a piece of the fuselage of the chopper that didn’t make it in Abbottabad. It’s one of the toughest things to get, and the president has a piece of it as well. I didn’t ask any questions.”

Just to play Devil’s Advocate: Brian Williams is so dumb, you could tell him the gas cap from a ’73 Buick Riviera was part of that chopper and he’d believe it.

Williams has been saying ridiculous crap like this for years. And people believed it, because they wanted to believe it. Because he seemed like a good guy, even when he was trying too hard. Because he expressed the proper opinions. Because he has good hair and a deep voice and can keep a straight face while saying pretty much anything.

Because he’s a Democrat.

He should’ve gone into politics. And maybe he still can. It’s not like the Dems really care about their heroes’ shameless lies. Right, Hillary?

P.S. When I said the following last week, I thought I was joking. Turns out, he just hasn’t gotten around to it yet.