German Journalist Trolls Obama: How Will ‘Nobel Laureate Obama’ Handle Russia? [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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A reporter with the German Press Agency had quite the trolltastic question for President Barack Obama during his joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, asking him if he had a “red line” in Ukraine, and how “Nobel Laureate Obama” could handle the situation. (VIDEO: Mark Levin: Obama Administration Have ‘Blood On Their Hands’)

“President, you said you have not yet made a decision as to whether weapons ought to be delivered to Ukraine,” she asked in a translated question. “What would be your red line? What would be the red line that needs to be crossed for you to decide a — an armament of the Ukrainian army? And what do you think will this hold by way of a promise, because the chancellor said it will make matters worse? What can the Nobel Laureate Obama do more to defuse the situation?”

Her question to Merkel was just as pointed, asking about “the breach of confidence” in U.S./German relations after the NSA phone hacking scandal, asking if it “played a role” in the difference of opinion of how best to deal with Vladimir Putin. (VIDEO: BBC Mocks John Kerry For James Taylor ‘Soft Power’ Diplomacy)

Obama audibly sighed after hearing the question. “Do you want to go first on this?” he asked Merkel.

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