Super Bowl Champs Julian Edelman And Malcolm Butler Were Super Weird At The Grammys [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Tom Brady might have been the Super Bowl MVP, but New England wouldn’t have won without Julian Edelman and Malcolm Butler.

Edelman snagged New England’s go-ahead touchdown with just over two minutes left in the game, and it was Butler who sealed the win with an amazing goal-line interception. Both have been showered with Pats-lovin’ over the past week, and the pair capped off a week of celebrating by making an appearance at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night. (RELATED: Kanye West Interrupted The Grammys… Again)

Butler and Edelman were guest presenters for the Best Rock Album category, and based on the painfully awkward delivery of their respective lines, let’s just say neither has a promising future on live television.


Ok, that wasn’t exactly fair. Edelman held his own out there, but Butler was definitely rattled on stage.

Good thing the Seahwawks weren’t wearing tuxes last Sunday.

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