Cops Say Female Teacher Victimized 14-Year-Old Boy By Sending Him Nude Photos, Videos

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This week’s female school teacher busted for allegedly exchanging raunchy nude photos and videos with an underage male student is Whitney Fetters.

Fetters, 28, teaches Spanish at the very aptly named Hefner Middle School in Oklahoma City, Okla., reports local CBS affiliate KWTV.

The student with whom police say she exchanged the lewd imagery is 14 — exactly half her own age.

Texting had been going on between Fetters and the student for about two years now, investigators say. It began when the boy was just 12 and a student in her class.

The texts took a randy turn around the time the unidentified student ventured off to high school.

The 14-year-old student daringly sent the first sexually suggestive text, police say. That text described Fetters as “hot” and included a partially nude photo of the teen.

Over 20 explicit photos and videos between the star-crossed pair then followed.

Police say Fetters invited the boy to spend the night at her home and consummate their sexting relationship.

Those plans went awry, however, when the boy’s parents discovered the texts on their son’s iPad.

“The parents wanted to report that the son had been receiving pictures from Fetters,” an Oklahoma City detective wrote, according to documents obtained by KWTV.

The kid tried but apparently failed to delete the evidence.

Cops later searched Fetters’ home, seizing her mobile phone as well as incriminating undergarments.

“Anytime you are talking about sexual misconduct, that’s certainly something we take very seriously,” Oklahoma police sergeant Gary Knight told the CBS affiliate. “When you talk about it being perpetrated upon a child, certainly that makes it a more alarming type situation.”

Fetters has not (yet) been arrested.

School district officials say she has not been at school since the allegations surfaced, but won’t say what that means.

Oklahoma — The Sooner State, after all — is among America’s hotbeds for teacher-student sex tales.

Just last month, for example, police in tiny, rural Waynoka, Okla. slapped a female high school teacher with a felony charge after she admitted to having a whirlwind romance with a male student that included teachers’ lounge trysts. Report say the married, 32-year-old teacher, Daresa Deann Poe, taught home economics and also sex education. (RELATED: Female Teacher Victimizes Male High Schooler With Teachers’ Lounge Sex Trauma Twice)

And in May, a first-year English teacher in another rural Oklahoma hamlet was charged with having a series of sexual escapades with an 18-year-old male student. The teacher, Kalyn Thompson, awarded the student a stellar, 98-percent, straight ‘A’ grade after their relationship took off. It was an impressive academic turnaround for the student. He had been flunking English just the semester before. (RELATED: Cops Say Rural Oklahoma Teacher Gave Flunking Student 98 Percent After Banging Him)

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