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Don’t Tweet About Hating Your Job, Especially Before You’ve Even Started

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Many moons ago, when I was young and life seemed full of promise, I graduated from college and moved back in with my parents and sat around like a big slob for six months. Then I got sick of that and tried to find a job in the nearest large city. A friend of mine worked at a pizza place there, and he said they were hiring. I’d worked at pizza joints before, so I moved away from home and did that cruddy job until I could find a slightly less cruddy job. Then I did that job until I could find a better one. And so on, and so on, and so on, until we got to this paragraph.*

That was the way things were done, back in the old days. But then, we weren’t nearly as precious as the millennials who showed up after us.

Meg Wagner, NYDN:

A Texas teen was fired from her pizza shop job before she even started because she complained about the “f–k a–” gig on Twitter, she claimed.

The teenager, only known as Cella on Twitter, was getting ready to start her first day at Jet’s Pizza in Mansfield, Tex., on Saturday, when she tweeted that she was less than thrilled about it…

But shop boss Robert Waple saw the message and swiftly booted the rookie pizza maker.

Here’s the exchange:


Did you know that Twitter is a public forum? This young lady understands that… now. Or maybe she doesn’t.

Sure, this guy could’ve handled it differently. Instead of shooting off a hotheaded tweet in response, he could call her and tell her not to bother coming in. Or, if he really wanted to be mean, he could wait for her to come in, confront her with her own words, and then show her the door. For bonus points, he could record the event and put it on YouTube.

But this way works too. This business owner is under no obligation whatsoever to this employee. She has the right to complain about a job before she’s even started, and her boss has the right to fire her for it.

I mean, would you really want this girl touching your f***-a** pizza?

Lots of people hate their jobs. I feel bad for them, I really do. Not everyone can be as lucky as I am. But if they’re dumb enough to make it a matter of public record in 2015, that’s their problem.

It’s just another signpost on the road to our glorious future. Everybody: Wave your canes in the air like you just don’t care… about kids these days!

(Hat tip: Oliver Darcy)

*Hey, man, you’re the one reading it. Keep comin’ back! You’re welcome on my lawn anytime. 🙂

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