Greg Gutfeld: Obama Administration Are All ‘Terror Denialists,’ ‘Full Of Crap’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Co-host of “The Five” Greg Gutfeld tore into the White House Tuesday for what he termed its “terror denialism,” and the refusal to say the Paris shooters targeted a kosher deli to kill Jews. (VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld: ‘Cowering’ Establishment Suffers From ‘Truthophobia,’ Not Islamophobia)

GUTFELD: This is a very easy way to look at this; they are terror denialists. They deny terror at every place. So when Islamists kill Jews, they blame the butterfly effect. It’s like 9/11 was due to fog. This is not a White House, this is an outhouse, they’re so full of crap.

If a cop, an American cop shoots someone who just committed a strong-armed robbery, they indict the entire justice system. They call it a ‘systematic condemnation of a corrupt system.’ But when an Islamist goes to a kosher market and kills a group of Jews, that’s random.

They could see root causes in everything except the truth. What are they scared of? What are they frightened of?

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