Lindsey Graham On Obama’s ISIS Strategy: ‘I Don’t Think He Wants To Win’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said on “Your World w/ Neil Cavuto” Tuesday that he believes President Obama doesn’t even wan to win the fight against ISIS. (VIDEO: John McCain: Obama’s ISIS Policy In ‘Tradition Of Neville Chamberlain’)

CAVUTO: You’re for giving the president wide room to get tough on ISIS. Do you think he will? Do you think this is the means by which he will?

GRAHAM: No, I don’t think he wants to win. I think he wants to get this problem, pass it onto the next president. His strategy to degrade and destroy ISIL won’t work. I really, honest-to-god want to destroy these guys; after today shouldn’t everybody on the planet want to destroy these guys? I asked the White House a simple question; if we train the Free Syrian Army — as we should — to go back into Syria to take on ISIL, what will we do if Assad starts barrel-bombing the army we trained? Can we stop his air force from destroying the people we trained? And they said, no. So if you are not willing to deal with the Assad air threat against the people you send on the ground, you are going to lose.

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