McCain: Not Arming Ukraine ‘Will Go Down’ As A ‘Shameful’ Chapter in US History

Al Weaver Reporter
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Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain has a warning for President Barack Obama: not arming Ukraine against Vladimir Putin’s Russia will go down as a “shameful” moment in U.S. history.

During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Monday night, McCain pounced on Obama’s foreign policy, slamming the president’s handling of the Ukraine/Russia conflict while lashing out at his “hypocrisy” regarding the United States’ relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Arizona senator called Obama’s decision not to arm the Ukrainians a “shameful” chapter in American history, while chiding Germany and France as well for not doing so.

“5,000 Ukrainians have been murdered, the first time since the end of World War II that one country has dismembered a nation, in Europe and to not give them weapons to defend themselves will go down as one of the shameful chapters in American history,” McCain continued, “and the chancellor of Germany and the president of France, don’t surprise me, but they should be ashamed too.”

McCain called it “sheer hypocrisy” for the administration to decide not to meet with the Israeli prime minister while allowing Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry to be meet with Netanyahu’s opponent in Munich.

“They did meet with Bibi’s opponent in Munich. Sheer hypocrisy. It seems to me it is perfectly appropriate for the elected Speaker of the House of Representatives to invite someone to speak to the Congress,” McCain told Hannity. “We’re not inviting him to speak to Barack Obama. I think it’s entirely appropriate, and there is so much at stake here. That Bibi has to tell the American people of this threat of making a deal with the Iranians. That is an existential threat to Israel.”