Muslim Civil Rights Group To Represent Black Man Attacked While Legally Carrying Gun Into Wal-Mart

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Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A black man in Florida who was attacked while carrying a legally concealed firearm into a Wal-Mart will be represented by a Muslim civil rights group that sees the incident as racially motivated.

The group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida (CAIR Florida), representing the shopper, 62-year-old Clarence Daniels, did not rule out the possibility that Wal-Mart could be named a defendant in a future lawsuit.

The incident in question occurred on Jan. 20 when Daniels concealed his gun as he exited his vehicle during a shopping trip to the Brandon, Fla. Wal-Mart.

Another man, 43-year-old Michael Foster, saw Daniels tucking his gun under his jacket and followed him into the store.

Foster’s next move was caught on the store’s video surveillance.

“He’s got a gun!” Foster yelled as he tackled Daniels.

Daniels, who had gone to the store to buy coffee creamer, yelled out that he had a permit to carry the gun. Foster held Daniels in a headlock for several minutes and called 911.

Though Foster was arrested and charged with battery, CAIR Florida says it will be taking Daniels’ case.

“We are shocked by this racially-motivated, unprovoked attack on a law-abiding citizen,” said Thania Diaz Clevenger, Civil Rights Director for CAIR Florida, in a statement.

The group also called on the largest gun rights group in the country to back Daniels.

“We are calling upon the National Rifle Association to stand with us against racial discrimination and to safeguard our constitutionally protected right to bear arms,” Clevenger said. “The Second Amendment is guaranteed to all Americans regardless of their race. We are also following the actions of the State Attorney’s Office to ensure appropriate actions are taken in response to this incident that appears to be racially motivated.”

According to CAIR Florida’s statement, Daniels was referred to the organization by the NAACP.

“When we stand united with our sister civil rights organization there is no limit to the change we can create,” said Clevenger.

Reached for follow-up questions, Clevenger told The Daily Caller that she does not know if Daniels is Muslim.

“CAIR Florida seeks to be the leading civil rights and human rights advocate in Florida, to fight for justice for everyone we possibly can, given our resources, no matter their religion, national origin or gender,” Clevenger told TheDC. (RELATED: Video Released Of Wal-Mart Shopper Tackling Legal Gun Owner)

She reiterated that Daniels’ case was referred by the NAACP.

And asked whether Wal-Mart could be a potential defendant in a lawsuit, Clevenger declined to speculate.

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