The Straight Dope On Medical Marijuana: It Helps People

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I say take a toke on the hippie weed if you need it.

Unlike Obamacare which will ultimately destroy our healthcare,the best healthcare in the world, data continues to pile up that medical marijuana can truly help some people, some of the time to relieve various pain and nausea, reduce the number and severity of seizures, and can alleviate the painful and harmful side effects of some authorized drugs and medical treatments that save people’s lives.

Due to my decades-old militant stand against legalizing recreational Cheech and Chong ganja, literally thousands of people have approached me over the years urging me to support the legalization of medical marijuana.

No urging required.  I’ve always supported medical marijuana, especially for people with terminal diseases where marijuana may help to alleviate pain and suffering.

If sucking on rusty nails and listening to Lawrence Welk music could help alleviate pain and suffering, I would support that too.

Just as I would never dare mandate what type of gun another free man can use to defend himself, I would never support prohibiting a free man from using a natural plant to alleviate his or her pain and suffering.
It’s anti-human and real reefer madness to not support medical marijuana, which is exactly why the Fedzilla Drug Administration has prohibited dying Americans from trying experimental drugs that may prolong their lives. To deny a dying person access to experimental drugs is definitive Marion Barry crack-smoking logic.
Twenty-three states have already passed legislation regarding the use of medical marijuana and it appears Fedzilla is beginning to back down on its stance against it even though the use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law. This is to the good.

Surely for political purposes, some people and organizations have intentionally tried to blur the lines between medical marijuana and Rocky Mountain High recreational ganja smoking. This is the bad.

Due to immense pressure from lobbyists representing Big Pharma and because our federal government moves at the speed of an earthworm doing the breast stroke in a vat of maple syrup in sub-zero temperatures, Fedzilla remains much too lethargic in supporting states to pass laws that authorize the use of medical marijuana for proper purposes. This is the ugly.

With or without the support of the stumbling, bumbling Fedzilla, states should move aggressively and pass medical marijuana laws and then begin distributing marijuana to those individuals who have been diagnosed as having genuine illness’s according to a physician. Waiting for Fedzilla to get on board the medical marijuana train is a waste of precious time and will cause unnecessary suffering by Americans who may be helped by the proven benefits of medical marijuana.

There are cops and others across the country who don’t support medical marijuana. Indeed, there will be problems with medical marijuana similar to the problems associated with prescription drugs. However, in my opinion the benefits of medical marijuana exceed the risks.

It would be wise for the twenty-seven other states to pass medical marijuana laws and get after the business of helping people instead of hindering and hurting them.

Medical marijuana is about alleviating pain and suffering. Period. It has nothing to do with blurry-eyed and burned-out whackos ruining lives by smoking the wacky tobaccy and professing to watch the sun rise from the bottom of the sea. That’s a much different issue.

I have painfully witnessed first-hand otherwise wonderful human beings throw their lives away in the name of getting high, choosing to lose control and stumbling their way to an early grave.

But when a semblance of quality of life can be provided to a suffering fellow human being by the regulated use of marijuana, how dare we deny it?