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Quote of the Day:

“Reporters ask some unbelievably bad questions. Seriously dumb.”

John Bresnahan, Politico‘s Capitol Hill Bureau Chief.

Brian Williams Mania 

“My 91-year-old grandmother is heartbroken over the Brian Williams fiasco. ‘He is such a nice young man. He always is wearing a tie.'” — Ryan Schuessler, freelance journalist.

“I have long stated that Brian Williams was not a very smart guy – all you have to do is look at his past. Now he has proven me correct!” — Donald Trump.

“How late am I to the “Jon Stewart’s replacing Brian Williams” conspiracy theories?” — Politico’s Christine Delargy.

“My test for a good president is one who doesn’t give a darn what is in the NYT.” — WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin.

Eavesdrop Café

“Happening now: Overheard some bros in a bar totally extreme arguing about what’s the best dessert cheese.” — Tom Risen, tech reporter for U.S. News & World Report.

John Stewart’s big goodbye 

“Congrats to #JonStewart on an incredible run – always enjoyed joining @TheDailyShow. Your/my movie reviews will be missed.” — Sen. Chuck Schumer.

“I just saw Jon Stewart’s career float by my hotel room in the French Quarter.” — GotNewsCharles C. Johnson.


“Unseemly & chilling how some of these TV journalists are reveling in every second of their Brian Williams take downs.” — activist and actress Mia Farrow.

This Washington Free Beacon reporter is doing WHAT? 

“T-minus 10 hours till I go work out with a Navy SEAL. I’m drinking beer and eating an ice cream cone #prepared.” — Bill McMorris.

John Stewart Vs. Brian Williams: Who’s more important? 

“Twitter says there were 130k tweets in the first 90 minutes after Jon Stewart news. In first 90 minutes after Williams news: 100k.” — WaPo‘s Aaron Blake.

Ricky Martin showed up to BuzzFeed‘s HQ?

“Can’t believe I missed Ricky Martin at the office. That’s like…15 years of dreams right down the damn tube.” — BuzzFeed‘s Ashley Ford.

London’s mayor does WHAT? 

“Ahead of meeting w @hillaryclinton, London’s mayor apologizes for calling her ‘a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.'” — Bloomberg Politics reporter Jennifer Epstein.

Jews and etiquette 

“I just ask one thing: Please stop referring to the Hypercacher kosher supermarket as a deli. Not everywhere Jews buy food is a deli.” — Jeffrey Goldberg, national correspondent, The Atlantic.

Modern day mysteries involving reporters

“MYSTERY SOLVED: I know who took my recorder at the Reid/McConnell presser last week and I know who owns the pink recorder I took.” — The Hill‘s Rebecca Shabad.

Online manipulation

.@thethird_place has followed me several times now. Are you just unfollowing me, then re-following in the hopes I’d notice and follow back? — Madeline Marshall, WSJ video journalist.

Journo learns about love from women in office talking about flowers

“Some of the women in my office are currently having a fascinating discussion about the politics of Valentine’s Day office flowers. I am learning so much about love right now.” — Business Insider‘s Hunter Walker.

Uh oh

“I’m back, and yes, I’m about to kill my friend who stole my phone for an hour and posted on my IG.” — Jedediah Bila.

The Stickler

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