Super Bowl Champion Brandon Browner: ‘KANYE WEST is a sucka!’

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Super Bowl champion Brandon Browner has spent the first few days of the 2015 NFL offseason in the most therapeutic manner possible: blasting fools on Twitter.

Last week, he called out President Obama over a perceived Super Bowl snub, and on Tuesday, Browner’s social media cross-hairs settled on professional jackass Kanye West. (RELATED: Pats Cornerback Brandon Browner Has Some Serious Presidential Beef)

Like most people, Browner’s tired of watching the Kanye show. Unlike most people, he has 117,000 Twitter followers, and he decided to share his thoughts about Hip-Hop’s preeminent college dropout with all of them.

I used to be a big fan of Kanye’s music, but he’s honestly such an ass that I can’t even bring myself to listen to his new stuff. Maybe a bone-crunching hit from Brandon Browner is the perfect cure for his overblown ego.

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