This Town Has The Best, Most Welcoming ‘Gun-Free Zone’ Signs Ever

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A slice of rural, pastoral awesomeness in south central Pennsylvania has posted signs on each of four incoming roads proclaiming the local gun-ownership situation to law-abiding visitors and would-be criminals alike.

Conoy Township, Pa. (pop: maybe 3,300) is the hamlet with the signs. They read: “Welcome to Conoy Twp. THIS IS NOT A GUN FREE ZONE.”

The heat-packing city fathers of Conoy Township have plans to post a dozen more of the signs in the weeks ahead, reports LancasterOnline, a local news website.

Conoy Township supervisor and camouflage aficionado Stephen Mohr said the board of supervisors decidedly unanimously to purchase and erect the 16 signs.

“You have to realize that to most people in this township God, guns, family and friends are the four most important things,” Mohr told LancasterOnline.

“Over the last six months we’ve seen more and more home invasions and petty crime, so we thought these signs would show people we take pride in what we own,” the town supervisor explained.

Mohr, a member of the National Rifle Association, also estimated that well over 80 percent of local households contain firearms. Many residents are avid hunters.

Mohr also said the feedback he has received about the signs has been very positive.

“You know, we’re all river rats and rednecks and we like it that way,” pro-sign local Bob Gebhard told regional Fox affiliate WPMT.

“Don’t take it personal,” Ken Ebersole, another happy Conoy Township resident, told the station. “Self-defense. Protect your property. Home invasions. It’s getting out of control.”

There are local critics of the gun-loving signs, though.

“I think it gives the area a feeling that I’m not sure the people want to convey,” Deb Garber told LancasterOnline.

Garber doesn’t live in Conoy Township. She lives in nearby West Donegal Township.

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