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“I’m not here to spoil things in the twilight of your career.”

— Actor Colin Firth to Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show.”
TV journo wants pols to give better answers, damn it 

“Politicians, I don’t care if you do/don’t like media questions. I really don’t. Learn how to offer a quick, smart, clear response regardless” — FNC’s Jedidiah Bila.

The death of Bob Simon, CBS’ “60 Minutes” 

“Bob Simon was an inspiration to many young tv journalists because of his deep reporting and writing for 60 Minutes. One of them is our son.” — HuffPost Editorial Director Howard Fineman.

“So sorry to learn of the passing of Bob Simon. He was a great reporter & wonderful man. A frequent guest of mine. So sorry to hear this. RIP” — online talk show host Larry King.

“Heartbreaking news about Bob Simon of @60Minutes, a brilliant writer and reporter and someone I admired deeply.” — Yahoo! NewsKatie Couric.

“Bob Simon’s writing and storytelling were the best of what tv journalism can be. He leaves a huge void. My prayers are w his family and CBS.” — Ex-NBCer David Gregory.

“I am blown away by how Bob Simon died. Among the best correspondents ever dies trapped in a NYC cab, really?” — Ex-CNNer Rick Sanchez.

“An incredibly poignant reminder of true bravery in network news. RIP Bob Simon.” — Frank Rich, writer-at-large, New York mag, executive producer, VEEP.

How cute: A great deal among Sky mag, Delta and Starbucks

“After putting Howard Schultz on the cover of Sky mag a few months back, @Delta now serves @Starbucks coffee on board. #syngery” — WaPo‘s Philip Rucker.


“Brian Williams should really cop my old line: It’s not a lie if you believe it.” — Actor Jason Alexander.

SHOCKING: The VP of Culture at the Media Research Center doesn’t like MSNBC

“If you are a corrupt, lying sack of garbage, your best job prospects are working in Obama administration or at @msnbc.” — Dan Gainor, VP of Businsss and Culture of MRC.

Washington Examiner columnist dreams of NYT‘s Josh Barro 

“In a recent dream, @jbarro dissuaded my wife and me from committing mass murder, using data showing that society was getting kinder.” — Timothy Carney, senior political columnist, The Washington Examiner.

Lotion and tile are a dangerous mix for this journo 

“That moment when you put lotion on your feet….then stepped on tile floor. #I fell #whoops #noshame” — Fox5 DC’s Kellee Azar.

Roseanne Barr’s epic Twitter bitching 

“Twitter needs 2 b held responsible for all of the racist anti semitism it does NOTHING about-these smug assholes feel entitled & protected.” — former presidential hopeful Roseanne Barr.