Krauthammer: Israel ‘The One Place’ Where Obama Is ‘Actively Trying To Change The Regime’

Al Weaver Reporter
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In an appearance on “The Kelly File” Thursday night, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer slammed President Barack Obama’s foreign policy for his interest in regime change in only one Middle Eastern country: Israel.

Krauthammer told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that Israel, the staunchest U.S. ally in the region, is “the one place he’s actively trying to change the regime. He added that Obama is “doing everything he can” to “humiliate” and “give the back of the hand” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

KELLY: The one strongest ally we have in this region is Israel. Obviously, Jordan’s another one, but Israel’s the strongest allied to the United States and strongest military. With respect to that ally, it seems to be acrimony and confrontation and poking the bear and affronts to Benjamin Netanyahu. Why?

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, what do you think I am a psychiatrist? I can’t quite work that one out. But I will point out that Barack Obama has foresworn regime change in the region. Remember when we had the Iranian revolution under Obama’s watch in 2009? Well, there was a chance to get rid of the most anti-American regime in the region. He didn’t lift a finger, even rhetorically. No regime change. He said that’s Bush stuff. That is not — except in one place. The one place he’s actively trying to change the regime is in Israel. He’s doing everything he can to outmaneuver, to humiliate, to insult, to give the back of the hand to Bibi Netanyahu, knowing that for any Israeli Prime Minister, jeopardizing the U.S.-Israeli relationship could be fatal at the polls and that’s exactly what Obama’s doing.