Raptors Superfan Drake Should Be Banned From All NBA Games If He Continues To Act Like A Child [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager
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The Toronto Raptors played host to the Washington Wizards in an Eastern Conference showdown on Wednesday.

While the Hawks have a stranglehold on first-place in the Eastern Conference, the Raptors’ Wednesday-victory garnered the team a little breathing room, sitting in second place. On the other hand, the Wizards are on a serious skid. Washington has dropped six of their last eight, but that isn’t the story here.

Somehow, rapper Drake managed to get in front of the scorers’ table during the fourth quarter and was harassing Paul Pierce as he attempted an inbound pass.


If “The Truth” turned around and socked Drake right in his mouth, he would’ve been totally justified.

1) Apparently Drake is only a fan when the Raptors are winning. Here he is sulking earlier in the game with the score tied.

2) HOW DID HE GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR? If you look closely, you’ll notice that Drake is standing on the court. He’s not sitting in his court-side seats — he’s literally in front of the scorers’ table, next to the players. Oh and by the way, this wasn’t some insignificant pass. IT WAS LITERALLY THE LAST PLAY OF THE GAME!

It doesn’t matter how famous you are or that you’re the only die-hard Raptors fan on the planet. You are a spectator and have no business interfering with a game’s outcome.

I’m borderline thinking of petitioning the NBA to ban Drake from games if that’s how he’s going to act.

No lie.


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