These Ridiculously Cute Baby Videos Will Make You ‘Awww’ [VIDEO]

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It goes without saying: babies are cute. Thankfully, the Internet is filled with videos of parents recording their little bundles of joy. If you’re in need of some cheering up, or if you just want a dose of adorable, these 10 baby videos will do the trick.

1. This smiling baby loves mom’s raspberries.

2. Dad is teaching his baby about the importance of exercise.

3. This baby thinks ripped paper is hilarious.

4. Waking up is a really complicated process for this baby.

5. This little girl doesn’t quite grasp the concept of twins just yet.

6. This duo jams out to some Johnny Cash.

7. This mom unsuccessfully tries to teach her baby about strangers.

8. There is no better combination than babies and puppies.

9. These two have a loving relationship.

10. Two babies laughing at the same time means double the cuteness.

Ashley Rae Goldenberg