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A Little Foreshadowing? Mic News Director Sent Telling Tweet In 2012

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The media industry learned this week that Jared Keller was fired from his second job in journalism. The first time was from Bloomberg Businessweek in 2013. He’d spent 11 months there as director of social media. To be fair, it was douchey Matthew Keys (who has serious issues with ethics and truth telling) who released private messages indicating that Keller “fucking hated” his job.

Because who hasn’t privately said they hated their job every once in a blue moon? Nonetheless, his employers weren’t so ecstatic about his Dr. Phil confessional.

As plenty of outlets have reported, this week, Mic News fired him for plagiarism.

He was their news director. He reasoned “sloppiness” got the worst of him.

But it’s a tweet from 2012 that may be most telling of all.

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Keller’s resumé is impressive if not a little quirky. While he’s worked for outlets such as the Boston Herald, National Journal, The Atlantic and Al Jazeera, he’s also worked as a camp and archery instructor for the YMCA and for a site called Mr. Secret Boston.

He remained in his most recent position at Mic News for 10 months.

Keller apologized to his coworkers, friends and family Thursday afternoon.

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