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David Carr dies at 58: Fellow journalists mourn 

“If I had to summarize the Carr guide to management: it would be. 1) you’re a reporter. Why are you sitting in the office?” — David Plotz, Atlas Obscura.

“David Carr was the Keith Richards of media reporting – after all he’d been through, it was like he was indestructable. And now he’s gone.” — The Intercept‘s Andy Carvin.

“Like @hirschorn said in Page One, he was the most human of humans.” — Gawker‘s Nick Denton.

“‘You’re never as good or as bad as they say you are.’ — David Carr to me, December 10, 2014” — GotNewsCharles C. Johnson.

“Mediaville has no mayor; journalists rebel against the notion. Turns out we *did* have a mayor. Now he’s gone. RIP, David Carr.” — Bloomberg PoliticsMark Halperin.

“He told me the NYT would lift you up on its big shoulders and make you shine until you could shine on your own.” — NYT Tanzina Vega.

“My timeline right now is like a course in how to be a human being.” — Blue Nation Review‘s Jesse Berney.

Politico employee switches gears

“After 2 years, 3 months and 2 days, today is my last on @politico‘s top-notch webteam. On Monday, I will move to reporting here.” — Politico‘s Nick Gass.

It’s f–king cold out there 

“Just stepped outside with Fred and it;s like the 9th circle of hell out there. Frozen winds.” – Jazz Shaw, Hotair.

Sydney Leathers is leaving liberals in the dust 

“It’s amazing when people are surprised I’m no longer a passionate liberal. Liberals hung me out to dry. I’m not buying what they’re selling.” — Sydney Leathers, porn film actress, ex-phone sexting partner to ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.).