Ed Henry: Some Democrats ‘Are Going To Start Separating’ From Obama [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry said that as 2016 approaches, more and more Democrats would begin to criticize and separate from President Barack Obama. (VIDEO: Former Obama Official On ISIS: ‘Mistakes Were Made, Presidents Make Mistakes’)

HOST STEVE DOOCY: Don’t you think it’s curious that you’ve got [Former Defense Secretary] Leon Panetta, who worked for this president, he was in his administration–

HENRY: And criticized him heavily on the way out.

DOOCY: He did on the way out, and now he’s talking about we need leadership. Gee, would that be Hillary Clinton?

HENRY: Well, was he chief of staff in the first Clinton administration?

DOOCY: Yes! Actually he was.

HENRY: Well look, there is going to be some Democrats who are going to start separating from this president. There are others like John Podesta, who now leaves as counselor to this president, and is likely to be the campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton. He is going to try to bridge that divide so they don’t have a repeat of Clinton-Gore in 2000, where the Democrats weren’t getting along. But Leon Panetta might not be helping.