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#NotAllMuslims Get Out Of Danish Prison, Randomly Shoot Danish Infidels Two Weeks Later

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As I’m forced to remind my readers with increasing frequency, the following news story bears no relation to any previous news stories. Nor does it have anything to do with any future events. It is an isolated incident.

Or else.

You may have heard about the guy running around the gun-free utopia of Copenhagen, shooting people somehow. Well, he’s not doing that anymore. He’s not doing anything anymore. David Chazan and Julian Isherwood, The Telegraph (UK):

Terror returned to Europe at the weekend when a suspected Islamist extremist gunned down two people in separate attacks on a Copenhagen café and a synagogue before being killed by police in a predawn shoot-out on Sunday.

The dead suspect, named on Sunday night as Omar el-Hussein, had reportedly been released from prison two weeks ago after serving a two-year sentence for grievous bodily harm.

In a rampage with parallels to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris five weeks earlier, the 22-year-old Danish-born assailant fired around 40 shots at a free speech debate in an arts café on Saturday afternoon, killing a 55-year-old documentary filmmaker, Finn Norgaard.

After fleeing in a stolen car, the gunman went on to target a girl’s bat mitzvah party at Copenhagen’s main synagogue at one o’clock on Sunday morning, shooting dead Dan Uzan, 37, an economist at the Danish treasury, who was acting as a volunteer security guard.

He shot up a debate on free speech. Then he shot up a synagogue. If there’s any pattern there, it’s beyond me. It was completely random. We don’t know this guy’s motive.

I said: We don’t know this guy’s motive. Got it?

The shooter was familiar with Denmark’s legal system, obviously. Didn’t he know that guns are forbudt? Clearly, Denmark needs to pass even stricter gun laws to prevent further random gun crimes like these. We all know the math: Fewer guns = fewer gun crimes. That’s why Obama disbanded the Secret Service.

Not that it should be a problem, of course. This guy was a “lone wolf.” Nothing to see here. BTW, did you sign up for Obamacare? That video he did was hilarious!