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Teens These Days: FL Juveniles Riot At Movie Theater, Loot Convenience Store

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When the news reports on a crime and doesn’t mention the perpetrators’ race, that means it’s not important. None of it.

WESH-TV in Orlando:

Police made two arrests after a night of mayhem in Ocoee on Saturday…

Investigators said more than 200 juveniles were involved in a disturbance at the West Oaks Mall food court, and about 100 of them rushed into the AMC Theater…

Meanwhile, investigators said the teens moved across Colonial Drive and gathered at a nearby gas station…

“A whole bunch of kids came in the store and just started stealing stuff,” witness Taylor Davis said. “They (were) just taking everything out of the store, and then the kids (were) just trying to fight the owner, and everybody was just trying to fight.”

“Our main concern is this: These are middle and high school kids going to a public movie theater, some armed with guns, some firing guns, some fighting in the parking lot, disturbing everyone else there. Not only that, but putting them in danger with the violence they’re creating,” Orange County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Paul Hopkins said.

You know what they say: Juveniles will be juveniles.

This was just a harmless prank. It’s a local news story at best. So you can keep your signs and chants and hashtags to yourself. Hands Down, Don’t Speak.

Any further comment I could possibly make about this story would be even more racist, so I won’t. You’d better not either, you teabagger.

[h/t: Memeorandum]

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