Hate Crime Buffoonery In Chapel Hill

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The murder of three people who happened to be Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina has once again raised the politically correct absurdity of so called “hate crimes.”

Some Muslims believe the reason Craig Hicks killed was because of he hated Muslims. Others, including the cops and those studying the actual evidence, believe the killings were most likely committed by a clear cut nutjob over parking spaces.

Proving once again that the politically correct squeaky wheel gets the grease, the FBI opened an investigation into the Chapel Hill killings to determine if the murders violated federal hate crime laws.

You may recall our Department of Injustice also opened an investigation to determine if Michael Brown’s civil rights were violated by Officer Wilson who, according to a grand jury lawfully shot and killed the so-called gentle giant in Ferguson, Missouri in a clear cut case of self-defense. Nobody with their hands up got shot. Go figure.

There was no investigation that I know of that was opened by the FBI to determine if the Gentle Giant had punched Officer Wilson out of his hatred of white people or if the Gentle Giant’s assault of the Asian shop owner just prior to his confrontation with Officer Wilson was fueled by his hatred of people of Asian descent.

There was no hate crime investigation conducted by the FBI that I’m aware of regarding the destruction and damage to non-black owned businesses during the Ferguson riots as possible hate crimes.

Fascinating. It’s almost as if there is affirmative action for criminals.

One has to wonder if the FBI investigates every crime when someone alleges they were committed out of hate. I doubt it. If they do that’s fraud, waste and abuse of precious and limited crime-fighting resources. All American producers should hate their tax dollars being wasted.

The ugly, behind-the-scenes result of hate crime legislation is that this politically correct idiocy further divides us by creating special classes of people based largely on race, sexual orientation, and religion. Big mistake, kemosabe.

Yes, there are thick-skulled barbarians amongst us who commit crimes based on hate. However, it’s surely insane to believe these hate-fueled numbskulls are going to be intimidated by hate crime legislation or stiffer penalties. Don’t you just hate that?

Truth is, hate crime legislation doesn’t deter hate-fueled cretins anymore than laws against bank robbery deter bank robbers.

To give hate-filled twits longer prison sentences because they committed a crime based on hate isn’t going to quell their hatred, but more than likely will probably increase their braindead hatred. This is typical of Fedzilla: the beast achieves exactly the opposite of what it wanted to achieve.

A crime is a crime. It shouldn’t matter why a Muslim punches a Christian or if a paroled black punk punches an elderly white guy while playing the knock out game. What should matter is that an assault occurred. Can’t we all just get along and agree we should hate carjackers, rapists, burglars and those who commit assaults?

We should never bestow special rules, classes and treatment for a selected class of people. When we do that it creates further fissures in our social, cultural and political fabric. All that does is weaken America. I hate that.

Just as we’re not going to stamp out obesity and diabetes by imposing Michelle Obama’s school lunch menu on American kids, we’re not going to stamp out hate through hate crime penalties.

Hate crime legislation should be tossed on the junk heap of other failed, expensive, erroneous and politically correct bad ideas.

All good, caring Americans should hate bad ideas.