Judge Napolitano: Obama Executive Amnesty ‘Absolutely Dead’ After Texas Judge Blockade

Al Weaver Reporter
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Reacting on “The Kelly File” Tuesday to a federal judge’s blocking of President Obama’s executive action on immigration, which was set to award work permits to four million illegals, Judge Andrew Napolitano called the court’s decision “devastating” for the Obama administration’s agenda.

Napolitano also told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that “the Obama amnesty plan is dead,” explaining that he does not believe that the conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will interfere with the federal judge’s decision. The Fox News judicial analyst added that the Supreme Court will probably not take up the case. (RELATED: Federal Judge Blocks Obama’s Amnesty)

“This is devastating for the administration,” Napolitano said. “This is a preliminary injunction which means the court viewed the court’s documents and challenger’s documents…and he made two conclusions. 1) At the end of the case, the challengers will probably prevail, meaning the president probably overstepped his bounds and he has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create new law.

“And 2) if he does not impose the temporary restraints that he imposed last night, actually, irreparable harm will be visited upon the 26 states,” Napolitano explained.

“In my opinion, the Obama amnesty plan is dead. Absolutely dead,” Napolitano told Kelly. “I don’t think the appeals court will interfere with this decision, And I think it will take this trial judge for the duration of President Obama’s term to rule on this with finality.”

“It is now the most conservative circuit court of appeals in the United States. They will not interfere,” Napolitano said. “This opinion reads like a treatise on the government’s inappropriate behavior on this case.”