Scott Walker Hits Back At ‘Elitist’ Howard Dean For Insulting His Lack Of College Degree [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing of Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Tuesday, Wisconsin governor and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker slammed former DNC head Howard Dean for insulting his lack of a college degree. (VIDEO: Scott Walker: Hillary Clinton ‘Embodies All The Things We Think Of Washington’)

HOST MEGYN KELLY: Governor Howard Dean, your friend who used to be the governor of the state of Vermont, basically told the world they need to worry that you are a dumb-dumb because you didn’t finish college, you left in your senior year… He said there are a lot of people who are going to worry about that. And you say?

WALKER: (laughs) I said it’s interesting, that’s kind of the elitist government-knows-best top-down approach from Washington we’ve heard for years. I don’t know about you, Megyn, but we’ve had an Ivy League-trained lawyer in the White House for the last six years, who was pretty good at reading off the teleprompter, but has done a lousy job leading this country. I’d rather have a fighter who’s actually proven he can take on the Big Government special interests and win.

I think there’s a lot of Americans out there that scratch their head and say, we have people who help found Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, plenty of other successful business enterprises across the country that did the exact same thing I did: have an opportunity to start a career, an opportunity to start a business senior year of college and went out and did it.

I have two kids in college, I hope they finish, I expect that. My wife and I are helping to fund their pathway with the hard work they put in. So we value college for those who pursue that career. but in the end you don’t have to have that to be successful, as many Americans have over the years.

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