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Stupid Union Rent-A-Mob Protests In Front Of Scott Walker’s Parents’ House

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If you make an honest living, you had to work yesterday. These creeps didn’t. So they took a little field trip to intimidate people they don’t like.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

Students, parents and educators gathered Monday at Juneau Play Field for a short rally before marching to Gov. Scott Walker’s Wauwatosa home to protest proposed budget cuts in education.

Just one problem. These idiots didn’t swarm his home. Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart:

Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker has beaten the state’s unions three times in elections, recalls, and more elections. But the union thugs aren’t done attacking yet. They are now going so far as to harass Governor Walker’s elderly parents by unloading a bus of union toughs to protest outside the home in which they live.

On Monday evening, Walker’s son Alex tweeted that for some inexplicable reason, the union harassers unloaded buses where his grandparents live and targeted them for picketing.


Well, that’s what these two get for having a son who’s angering fascist morons across the country.

Then these disgusting union-paid goons got back in their buses, went home, and crawled under their damp rocks. And the people who hate Scott Walker have no problem with it. Hell, they’re applauding it.

Hey, if that’s how they want to play. Why not?

Oh, that’s right: We have jobs.

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Jim Treacher