Does Lindsay Lohan Have ANY IDEA What Season It Is? These Photos Suggest Otherwise.

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Lindsay Lohan has never been known for her intellect — instead, she’s racked up an impressive number of headlines related to alcohol consumption and thievery.

But you’d think she’d be able to distinguish between the seasons.

Judging by the following photos, Lindsay Lohan has no idea what season it is.

The 28-year-old posted this photo on Instagram Wednesday of her wearing a furry hat — for warmth! — but… no pants.

While the hat says she’s realizes it’s winter and that a significant amount of body heat is lost through your head, the lack of pants shows, well, her legs.

Lindsay Lohan

(Photo: Instagram)

Just a few days ago, Lohan snapped a selfie in a lime-green bikini.


Lindsay Lohan

(Photo: Instagram)

Someone please tell Lindsay Lohan what season it is. Thank you. (RELATED: Lindsay Lohan Is Trying To Cure Her Disease By Posting Half-Naked Selfies)