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If Don Lemon Says A Bad Word On CNN, Does Anybody Hear It?


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Apparently, Democratic Party hack David Corn is going after Bill O’Reilly in retaliation for Brian Williams being held responsible for his actions. O’Reilly is supposed to have lied about reporting from the Falklands War or something? It sounds very serious, and it can’t help O’Reilly’s chances of ever anchoring the NBC Nightly News.

This is very important breaking news, and Don Lemon is on it. Click the lower-right corner if you want to hear a naughty word for bovine excrement, or don’t if you don’t:

Whoops! They’re not on a delay? There’s no bleep button or anything? Awesome.

The O’Reilly story may or may not be BS, but thank goodness for Don Lemon and his signature brand of explanatory journalism. He really breaks down the issues into easily digestible form, then shoots out nuggets of info everywhere.

(Hat tip: The Hill)