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The Bowe Bergdahl Swap Was Even Worse Than We Thought

REUTERS/U.S. Army/Handout via Reuters

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Did you think that trading an American deserter for 5 high-value Taliban prisoners was the Deal of the Century? Then you’ll just love this.

Not only was the swap completely stupid and insane, but it set a very bad precedent with serious repercussions. FoxNews.com:

The Obama administration’s swap of five Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo Bay for accused Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl may have doomed any hope Kayla Mueller’s family had for working out a deal with ISIS, the murdered aid worker’s family said in an interview.

Carl Mueller told NBC in an interview that aired Monday that he and his wife thought they could win his daughter’s freedom with a $6.2 million ransom payment, although he acknowledged the Arizona family faced a daunting task in raising that much money. But when the White House agreed last year to trade Bergdahl, who had been held for five years by the Taliban and Haqqani network, the family believes the price for their daughter went up.

“That made the whole situation worse,” Kayla Mueller’s brother, Eric, told the network. “Because that’s when the demands got greater. They got larger. They realized that they had something. They realized that, ‘Well, if they’re gonna let five people go for one person, why won’t they do this? Or why won’t they do that?’”

That’s a good question, and it applies to every single thing the Obama administration has done to date: Why wouldn’t they?

That’s the great thing about unintended consequences. As long as your motives are pure and you belong to the correct political party, you get a pass for anything and everything that goes wrong. “Hey, they meant well…”

If Obama loves America as much as liberals and the media* say he does, he could show it by making the world safer for Americans. Capitulating to terrorists only emboldens them. They see it as weakness, because they don’t think like we do. The Commander-in-Chief has never learned that, and every passing day proves that he never will.

Kayla Mueller and her family deserve better. We all do.

*Pardon the redundancy.