Florida Police Seize Truck, $200,000 In Arrest Of Football Player

PG Veer Contributor
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A Green Bay Packer player had his brand new truck and $200,000 in cash seized by the police in Starke, Fla., First Coast News reports.

Letroy Guion, a native of Starke, got arrested on a drug-related charge Feb. 3.

According to the judge seeing the case, the seizure was justified. Court documents claim that “Guion was traveling in a known drug area that is characterized as a ‘drug corridor’ [and] carrying such a large amount of money itself is strong evidence that currency was intended to be furnished in return for drugs.”

This operation happened under Florida’s Contraband Forfeiture Act, which allows police to seize assets believed to be related to a certain crime. This is also known as civil asset forfeiture, which the American Civil Liberties Union dubs as “policing for profit.”

“In many jurisdictions, the money can go to pay for salaries, advanced equipment and other perks. When salaries and perks are on the line, officers have a strong incentive to increase the seizures, as evidenced by an increase in the regularity and size of such seizures in recent years,” claims the ACLU on its website, adding that it also contributes to racial profiling.

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