Reporter Mocks Scott Walker For Claiming To Communicate With God Through Prayer

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Political Wire publisher Taegan Goddard caught a lot of flak on Twitter after mocking Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for claiming he could discern God’s will, only to admit that he had no idea Christians believed they could communicate with God through prayer.

It all began with a rather snarky tweet about Walker’s comments that he was still waiting for “God’s calling” before he announced a presidential run.

As Goddard received criticism from religious followers, he shot back at critics by claiming that he wasn’t showing disdain for people of faith, even as his tone became more and more sarcastic.


Eventually, Goddard betrayed his ignorance of basic Christian beliefs, when he seemed genuinely confused that Walker believed prayer could be used to communicate with God.

HotAir’s Ed Morrissey patiently explained that yes, Christians believe they can discern God’s will through prayer.






Eventually, Goddard apologized for the tweet, saying that he had meant no offense.


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