Scott Walker: ‘I Didn’t Inherit Fame Or Fortune From My Family’ [VIDEO]

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Monday that he didn’t “inherit fame or fortune from my family,” a clear differentiation between himself and potential Republican presidential rival Jeb Bush.

“I realize, like some out there, I didn’t inherit fame or fortune from my family,” Walker said Monday during a speech to a convention of Christian broadcasters.

“I got a bunch of things that are a whole lot better than that,” Walker said. “I got from my parents and my grandparents the belief that if you work hard, and you play by the rules, here in America you can do and be anything you want.”

The comments were captured by a tracker for the pro-Hillary Clinton opposition research outfit, American Bridge 21st Century, and uploaded to YouTube. The liberal group referenced past comments from Walker that he wouldn’t attack other Republican candidates if he ran for president.

Both Walker and Bush, the former Florida governor whose father and brother were president, are preparing for possible White House runs in 2016.

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