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Scott Walker Isn’t Putting Up With The Media’s Bias, And Now They’re Pouting

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The following clip is from yesterday, but you didn’t see it because it was on CNN.

Scott Walker refuses to play the game, and the self-appointed referees don’t like that:

Did you get that? Walker is the cynical one. Because he’s pointing out that guys like Jonathan Martin are Democratic Party hacks.

These a-holes would never dream of asking Democrats to answer for something another Democrat said — let’s say, oh, Joe Biden, just off the top of my head — because they’re utterly corrupt. There’s one standard for their team, and another standard for the eeeeeeevil Republicans. They’d really prefer if Walker would stop pointing out their bias and dishonesty.

But fine, let’s play Jonathan Martin’s game. This should be easy enough to decide: Does Scott Walker weigh the same as a duck?

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Jim Treacher