Ann Coulter: Illegal Immigrants Have Killed ‘A Lot More Americans’ Than ISIS [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Reacting to the murder of a young black man by an illegal immigrant, firebrand conservative columnist Ann Coulter argued on Fox News’ “Hannity” that for all the emphasis put on fighting ISIS, illegal aliens have killed a lot more Americans. (RELATED: For Death By ISIS You Have To Go Out; Illegal Aliens Deliver)

HOST SEAN HANNITY: Here’s a guy saying, do black lives really matter, or does it only matter if you’re shot by a white policeman or white person? In other words, why does the president stay silent when a black American is shot by an illegal immigrant, who was likely let out by his justice department.

COULTER: Right, and consider what a narrow category this is we’re hearing from today. These are illegal aliens already convicted of crimes in this country, scheduled for deportation, whom the Obama administration released and then went onto commit heinous crimes against yet more Americans. How about all non-citizens who are killing Americans in this country? Instead of #BlackLivesMatter, how about American lives matter? A lot more Americans are killed by immigrants than killed by ISIS. The number is four now, and as long as you don’t go to Syria, you’re safe from ISIS.

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