George Will: Obama’s Rhetoric ‘The Most Overrated Force In America’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing on Fox News’ “Special Report,” syndicated columnist George Will said the fact that Obama ally Rahm Emannuel was being forced into a run-off in the Chicago mayoral race showed that President Barack Obama’s rhetoric was “the most overrated force in America.” (VIDEO: George Will On Gaffe-Prone Hillary: ‘She’s Just Not A Fluent Speaker’)

HOST BRET BAIER: George, Emanuel spent 3-to-1 over his nearest competitor. Obviously he had the president coming. Is it too broad a template to say if the president can’t get him across the finish line in Chicago that there is an issue?

WILL: There are a number of messages. One is that the declining utility of last political dollar, when you have as many dollars as he has, is pretty steep. Second, the most overrated force in America is the rhetoric of Barack Obama, who campaigned for the Affordable Care Act that got less popular. He campaigned against Republicans in 2010 and in 2014, the off-year elections, his party got shellacked. There is just no evidence that his rhetoric works.

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