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Leaders of ISIS are now calling on followers to assassinate an American college professor in the group’s propaganda magazine.

The professor is Yasir Qadhi, reports Memphis NBC affiliate WMC-TV.

Qadhi, born in Houston, Texas, is a professor of religious studies at Rhodes College, a private bastion of the liberal arts in Memphis. He is also a Muslim cleric and the resident scholar at the Memphis Islamic Center.

ISIS — also called the Islamic State — and its adherents don’t like Qadhi because he stands athwart the radical Muslim entity, yelling stop. (RELATED: ISIS Yearns To Be North Korea And Nine More Things You Won’t Believe About These LUNATICS)

“Contrary to popular opinion, ISIS does not have support in the American Muslim community,” he explained.

“ISIS does not represent my faith, their actions are in contradiction to my faith, and I’m appalled at what they are doing in the name of my faith,” Qadhi told WMC.

Among the reasons that ISIS wants Qadhi dead is that he condemned the Charlie Hebdo shootings, which happened in Paris in January. Two radical Muslim immigrants massacred 11 people during the terrorist attack — which was orchestrated by Al-Qaida, not ISIS, according to The Atlantic.

In its demand that Qadhi (and another Muslim) be killed, ISIS propagandists published a photo of the professor.

“They have said this is an act of worship,” he told the NBC affiliate, “that if somebody kills me, God is going to reward them.”

Qadhi said he is not overly concerned about the call for his murder.

“I understand these people who are threatening me are thousands of miles away,” he told the station.

The professor also noted that the FBI has contacted him expressing concern and suggesting that he undertake certain safety measures.

Qadhi indicated that he still plans to lecture around the world against ISIS and other radical Muslim groups.

On Thursday, Islamic radicals butchered Avijit Roy, an American engineer, activist and prolific anti-religion writer. The slaughter occurred on a public street in Dhaka, Bangladesh, reports CNN. The attackers hacked Roy repeatedly with machetes. They cut off one of his wife’s fingers as well.

Roy had traveled to Bangladesh from his home in the suburbs of Atlanta for a speaking engagement.

Qadhi, the Rhodes College professor, attended the University of Houston as an undergraduate, according to a webpage at Rhodes College. He majored in chemical engineering there. Later, he enrolled at the University of Medina in Saudi Arabia to study classical Islamic sciences. He then returned to the United States and obtained a pair of Master’s degrees from Yale University. He is currently working toward a Yale Ph.D.

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