Republican Jewish Coalition Warns: ‘Fate Of Mankind’ At Stake With Iran Deal [VIDEO]

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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The Republican Jewish Coalition is warning that a potential deal between the Obama administration and Iran could put the “fate of mankind” at stake.

In advance of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday speech to Congress about the threat of a nuclear Iran, the RJC — which is backed by prominent pro-Israel Republicans, including casino mogul and mega-GOP donor Sheldon Adelson — is launching a media campaign to press the importance of the Israeli leader’s message.

In the New York Times Sunday, the RJC will place a full-page ad highlighting the eliminationist threats Iranian leaders have made against the State of Israel. The ad will be backed up by a YouTube video further emphasizing the RJC’s message.

“Nuclear Iran is unthinkable, but that’s exactly where President Obama’s negotiations with Iran seem to be headed,” the YouTube ad declares, referring to the negotiations between the United States and Iran that reports suggest could produce an agreement that will ultimately allow Iran to become a “threshold” nuclear power.

“For Israel, it will be a matter of life and death,” the YouTube ad continues, speaking of the threat of a nuclear Iran. “For the United States, it will mean putting the fate of mankind in the hands of the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism.”

“That is not the kind of world we should have to accept,” it concludes. “The time for debate is now — not after the deal is done.”


A second full-page ad will appear in the New York Times Tuesday.

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