Democratic Senator Take Shots At Susan Rice In Fiery AIPAC Speech [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Democratic New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez not-so-subtly criticized Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice during his speech before the 2015 AIPAC policy, slamming her for calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress “destructive.”

“When it comes to defending the U.S.-Israeli relationship, I am not intimidated by anyone,” Menendez began. “Not Israel’s political enemies, and not my political friends when I believe they’re wrong.

“Now I agree with some Democrats that the political timing of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s invitation to speak to Congress tomorrow may have been unfortunate, and we must work fervently to keep the U.S.-Israel relationship a strong, bipartisan endeavor,” he said. “But, I must disagree with those who say that the prime minister’s visit to the United States is destructive to U.S.-Israel relations.”

“And tomorrow,” he added over loud cheers. “I will be proud when I escort the prime minister to the House chamber to give his speech, to show him the respect he deserves from every American who cares about our relationship with the only true democracy in the Middle East.” (VIDEO: Former Dem Senator Blames Democrats For Politicizing Netanyahu Speech)

“Prime Minister Cameron of Great Britain came to Washington in January, and he lobbied Congress against Iran sanctions.” Menendez noted. “Well, it seems to me that if it’s okay for one prime minister to express his views, it should be good for ALL prime ministers.”

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Although Menendez never mentioned Rice, the chattering class on Twitter quickly picked up on the attack.

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