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Wonkette Wins Mirror Award: She Decides Someone Else Is A Terrible Writer

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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This is incredibly rich.

Wonkette’s editor, Rebecca Scheinkopf, who writes like she’s perpetually drunk — and not in a good way — has declared someone else a “terrible writer.”

Since Ana Marie Cox left Wonkette in 2006, has anyone been able to get through any of the boring stories on Scheinkopf’s site without thinking she needs an internship at Highlights? Fine, it was still semi-readable when Alex Pareene and David Lat showed up, but not as exciting. The current Wonkette? It’s not only not readable — it’s like a wart on the soul.

Scheinkopf (or Swinekopf, however you want to spell it) got upset with me for exposing her lies about a Politico party she attended at the GOP convention in Tampa in 2012. Well, attended might be strong. She was there in the flesh if not in the mind. And she insisted they tossed her out. Well, they didn’t throw her out. The party simply ended. She was sauced and begging random male journalists to make out with her.

Then she wrote the whole thing up in a story that made about as much sense as WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery covering racial issues.

A sampling from her story:

“And then Jim Vandehei (he’s the young one, right?) came over and was like YOU ARE FROM WONKET HELLO I AM SAYING HELLO TO YOU BECAUSE OF HOW YOU SAID YOU WERE LONELY BEFORE (oh, because we had tweeted that we were lonely before) and before we could really reply he had turned around and left and gone back to his friends and we had TURDED ALL UP IN THEIR PUNCH BOWL. Then they had security throw us out, but joke’s on them, because we had already made out with him earlier, and he totally left and came with us, the end.”

“Well, soon the producer, who was a tall, gorgeous blonde in a bitchen black sheath dress, came out to ask if we had noted that there were many female lady type people reporting from inside the convention center, and had we noted that, huh, huh? And we were like sure we guess maybe I don’t know, martini?”

Female lady type people reporting? Fast forward to Monday, March 2, 2015. (And no, her writing hasn’t improved.) Writer Evan Gahr, obviously purposefully tweaking Ms. Swinekopf, went on Twitter and asked if she was ever going to cover an NBC producer’s lawsuit against MSNBC’s Ed Schultz.

Evidently, this would be a big no.

The exchange:

GAHR: “Are u going 2 report domestic violence charges re Ed Schultz? Or cover it up? No enemies on the left?”

SCHEINKOPF: “My god you’re a terrible writer @EvanGahr.”

GAHR: “Is that a yes or no? U r right If I am a terrible writer I hoodwinked WSJ, NYPost WashingtonTimes into publishing my stuff.”

Gahr continued, calling her “MSNBC’s flak” and telling her that “You are covering up for MSNBC.”

Swinekopf soon grew exasperated and resorted to pulling out her package.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.06.29 PM


Lovely, isn’t she?

For that and her myriad of lies while reporting, Scheinkopf wins the Mirror Award, which goes to the person or persons who most need to take a good long look in a mirror.