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1. Media Matters wants a correction from the NYTfor its reporting about Hillary Clinton’s email use as Secretary of State. Lefty Media Matters, an arm of the Democratic Party, claims Clinton didn’t violate any law since it was only finalized in 2014. Why You Should Read It: Media Matters’ defense of Hillary Clinton knows no bounds. Meanwhile, tsk. tsk. HuffPost writes up the ordeal and has to correct its story because it named Media Matters Prez Bradley Beychok as the author of the letter to the NYT Public Editor instead of Media Matters Chairman David Brock.

2. Journalist as a live show…what in the hell is that? Could theater also be journalism? “In this experimental genre, the answer varies.” Why You Should Read It: In this ever changing world of journalism, this could one day be you on stage. Read here in Columbia Journalism Review.

3. Three coffees a day could actually be good for you…Really, it’s more like 3-5 cups that could help you avoid a heart attack. Why You Should Read It: Because here’s your chance to feel good about all that coffee you drink. Read here in The Times of London.

4. Psychology Today has ads for gay conversion therapists? Yeah, it’s true and HuffPost clearly can’t stomach it. Neither can the Human Rights Campaign. Why You Should Read it: It’s fascinating. The D.C.-based gay rights group, the Human Rights Campaign, wrote the mag asking them to pull the ads. PT refused.  “We take care not to sit in judgement of others by allowing or denying individual participation” in the directory,” a PT employee wrote HuffPost. Read here.

5. E!’s Fashion Police goes insane trying to fill a vacant spot…Over Kathy Griffin‘s dead body, though. She’s the one the new host must impress. Read here